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lirik lagu better me – joe budden

[intro: joe budden]
i hear what n-gg-‘s sayin’.
n-gg-‘s gonna’ talk to me like…
like when i come on the plane an’ sh-t, louie’s on.
when i sit out in front of the muh’f-ckin’ plane wit’ the daily news wit’ my legs crossed an’ sh-t.
wanna’ act like i ain’t earn my seat, when i’m watchin’ muh’f-ckas walk to the back an’ sh-t, when it’s coach.
you pat riley in that sh-t, n-gg-.

[verse 1: joe budden]
look here,
look, look…
i get a ghetto gospel
only right considerin’ the ghetto was my hostile.
memory is gone, but i’m recallin’ all through highschool
even at my lowest, i was sittin’ on my high stool;
that’s what bein’ high do.
if i couldn’t do sh-t, was always able ta’ toke
they tol’ me that a n-gg- die ‘fore i was able ta’ vote.
‘prolly ’cause me an’ my const-tuents
an’ all the sh-t we did
the mri couldn’t tell you what the issue is.
wit’ my treason came a cause that i believed in
is it really wrong if a n-gg- got a reason?
at times i had ta’ take doe
n-gg- did whatever for a peso
bein’ from the hood’ll be my scapegoat.
a “can it be”, ’cause i wasn’t born into a canopy
maybe i was pr-ne ta’ fallin’ in love wit’ vanity.
tell me sh-t’chu reap is the sh-t’chu sow
tell god i’m better than the sh-t i show
i gotta grow, c’mon.


[verse 2: joe budden]
now look…
now n-gg-s say i floss too much
so… has he changed?
’cause i don’t think that thousand-dollar t cost too much.
all they should say is that he strong
came out the fire unscathed, ye’, i carried on
lu vuitton carry on.
?? wit’ my blessing’s at a delay
now ta’ lace my chick in ?? is sorta’ clichã©.
plane ain’t gonn’ never land, less it’s in the netherlands
twenty on that goldface, breitling wit’ the leather band.
ask for a better hand
i tried collidin’ wit my problems, ye’, i never ran
that’ll make me less a man.
i ain’t go from not havin’ it ta’ bein’ arrogant
i dreamt, went grabbin’ it, jus’ bein’ p-ssionate.
some n-gg-s get complaints an’ why…
dude’s is newborn birds, jus’ afraid ta’ fly.
if you’re foot’s on the breaks, can’t ride.
me, i spread my wings, inhale an’ embrace that high!


[verse 3: joe budden]
give it away, give it away, give it away now [x3]
look, look, look…
part of me was gruesome
i ain’t changed, i grew some
an’ if i did change, i welcomed that sh-t to come.
dudes that smoked trees wit’ me
dudes that used ta’ be wit’ me
they say i switched up on ’em an’ did a three-sixty.
’cause i don’t burn it down
but to me it’s commonsense –
you wann’ see the otherside, gott’ turn aroun’.
show ’em your game face –
i tell ’em we was on the same track, but wasn’t runnin’ that same race (n-gg-).
weighin’ in the same sp-ce, but i ain’t gonn’ change pace
some’ won’t let me slowdown, i can’t explain fate.
so don’t say i won’t from broke ta’ booshie
i’m far from far-end i jus’ know what suits me, muh’f-cka.


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