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lirik lagu bulldagger stole my bitch – 2 live crew

brother marquis does all the verses
{shari lewis}
come … give us a little kiss … let me make it better.

these rotten -ss b-tches is gonna f-ckin’ wanna know!

i met this b-tch at a hip-hop disco
verse 1
a club full of divas in san francisco
i asked her name, the b-tch said shirley
i asked her for some p-ssy, she said “i like girlies.”
“what that mean, hoe, that i can’t have it?”
she said, “n-gg-, recognize i’m a female f-ggot!”
you triflin’–ss b-tches know that sh-t ain’t right
stinkin’–ss dyk-, put some d-ck in your life
’cause we know where the nose goes in the nymphos
playin’ with d-ld-s and finger-f-ckin’ booty holes
belly to belly, skin to skin
f-ckin’ like h-ll, but ain’t no d-ck goin’ in
stick it in, take it out, and let ’em suck it
if they like p-ssy that much, then let me f-ck it
but they game is strong and they tongue is long
a bulldagger beat and got yo’ b-tch and gone!
chorus: brother marquis and mr. mixx

she’d rather suck p-ssy, she don’t want no d-ck!
a bulldagger done stole my b-tch
[a bulldagger done stole my b-tch!
b-tch told me she don’t want no d-ck!]
a bulldagger done stole my b-tch
she’d rather eat p-ssy than suck a n-gg-‘ d-ck!
[a bulldagger done stole my b-tch!

f-ck y’all hoes, y’all hoes ain’t sh-t!]
bulldaggers come in all shapes, sizes and colors
a b-tch that eat p-ssy makes a good d-ck-sucker
verse 2
never kiss a bulldagger hoe in the mouth
it smells like sh-t from all the -ss she got
freaky hoes got them tendencies
why go that way, b-tch, when you can get these?
some girls’ll do it, some girls don’t
a bulldaggin’ hoe will do what your boyfriend won’t
a bulldagger is the worst kind of player hater
’cause n-gg-s still f-ck ’em, that’s why they can’t fade us
a bulldagger got more b-tches than me and you
now bulldaggers, you know they don’t play fair
sayin’ they strictly d-ckly, but that ain’t true
they get all the p-ssy, and they don’t share
but they game is strong and they tongue is long
a bulldagger beat and got yo’ b-tch and gone!

verse 3
i hate bulldaggin’ hoes with a p-ssion
you motherf-ckin’ right a n-gg- gave bashin’
you b-tches need to get that gay sh-t off your mind
suckin’ ’em up, that’s sick, i d-ck ’em down at night
lickin’ cl-ts, suckin’ t-tties, and playin’ with kitties
and sophisticated dyk-s’ll treat a n-gg- sh-tty
i can’t understand how a b-tch with cl-ss
spittin’ at my hoes but they can’t be chose
because b-tch, my p-ssy’s bought and paid fo’!
would have another hoe’s name tattooed on her -ss
now you motherf-ckin’ dyk-s ain’t got no shame
french-kissin’, holdin’ hands like it ain’t no thing
your game is workin’, but i got the last virgin
but they game is strong and they tongue is long
you doin’ the slurpin’ while i’m doin’ the servin’
a bulldagger beat and got yo’ b-tch and gone!

said somethin’ to you, my sh-t just won’t be the same,
naw, mu’f-cker. you tryin’ to blow my game? my b-tches
motherf-cker, n’ i can’t have that!

yeah, mr. mixx and brother marquis representin’, straight
up on the down south tip! for the 9-5 shot! you know we
talkin’ ’bout they raggedy -ss, n-gg-, ain’t no motherf-ckin’
thang, ‘knamsayin’? don’t n-body say ‘nything personal,
come on, girl, y’know? boys back up at that -ss! one time
for the bottom! you know how they do it

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