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lirik lagu 47 piiirates – capital steez


muh-f-cking pirates (pirates), we some muh-f-cking pirates

[verse 1: capital st–z]
look, now i could start it off with a whole new excerpt
a revisit what them experts said first
your favorite rapper’s a problem i’m the next worst
it’s the naked truth i seep through em like wet shirts
life’s a b-tch, well i’m a super soaker
the newest flow got the mainstream moving over
mother nature got me shining from the depth of my soul
so every time you see her rise in a super nova
and in a world of dead presidents and counterfeits
our generation is bound to take a count of it
i’m barry bonds with my count of hits
i put a fork in it, cork in it, hoping that it kinda fits
and this can turn into a hostage situation
‘cuz i been sitting patient and i’m kinda sick of waitin’
john q holdin’ up the doctors and the patients but sticking up the nurses is my favorite

[hook: capital st–z]
(heh) we some muh-f-cking pirates, we some muh-f-cking pirates
and i decided that i would let my mind just ride on autopilot one word decribes it [2x]

[verse 2: dirty sanchez]
i be that dirty m-th-rf-cker, b-tches want to clean me up
she needs a rest from the cons n she wants me to cuff
she got double d’s, i call it a drug bust
but i’m not slipping over l-st, in god we trust, plus
i came from the bottom, who do you think you’re touching?
bust in ya girl’s face, i know i’m good for nuttin’
all i do is smoke weed, set sails, and wait for my connect to hit me back with a little sumchin’
i speed so fast it’ll make ya head spin, who who’s that n-gg- that’s revvin’ the engine
i stand out when i stand up never did blend in
these b-tches say i’m smoothy, though i’m rough around the edges
ak-47, st–z already said f-ck ya reverend, we guna do this sh-t until forever end
so f-cking pirates guna rain/reighn on ya parade, my eyes are h-llabent and i stay h-lla laidback

[hook/outro hook]