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lirik lagu 12 bars – chief keef


got his b-tch trippin’ cause she seeing me
thought she was off a trippy stick
don’t know why she sneak dissing me
say he got a shrimpy d-ck

pull off in that rari
now they think i’m on some fishy sh-t
two year ago i didn’t have no car
i was on that come get me sh-t sh-t
two years ago i didn’t have no job
i was on that young drilla sh-t

posted on the block with that glock
tryna drill some sh-t
don’t give no f-ck that thot with the opps
i’m a drill a b-tch
and i swear these opps know how i rock
glo until i be killed

i don’t want your b-tch boy
trying to see if i can fit my schedule with her
i won’t wife a b-tch boy
these b-tches be going every where

i don’t care bout going to jail
they treat me like heaven there
before i let a n-gg- try and kill me
i’m a send his -ss 11 sh-lls