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lirik lagu 1997 – corner boy p


uh, uh, sh-t n-gg-, my mind on the dough
run round in that boat, i got the sh-t from the flow
you don’t know what these n-gg-s minds when they plot on the dough
so i run, right next to… the clips in the dough.
getting paranoid in the day, people might kick in the dough
but when you paper chase, you chase that paper far as it go
cause i rather be tired from hustling, get tired of having nothing
so i go all the way, let show my pockets, stay straight!
n-gg-, i go all further, same streets where they murder
same streets i call home, i lean…
but i run for this con, and every n-gg- that’s on it
i’ve seen the best come and go, n-gg-s even die with it all!
i can call it just.. every time the money is calling
she call me dwag, but she only calling me cause i’m falling.
they all thought i’m underestimated, underrated
is all good, f-ck them n-gg-s, long as they don’t underpayment!

yeah, yeah, yeah, la, la, la, la, la
uh, my stir wheel wood, my weed h-lla good
my rolex, she let it go, i’m flexing on ’em hoes!
them b-tches strike a pose, they’re hoping that i love
i’m…hold up, you’re trying to get thugged!
g life and i wrote it down in eli’s book
i’m higher than the plane when writing down hooks
couple bars in here, couple hundreds on the…
seen my camp get low, love can’t stop the crooks!
rap.. for the paper, every caper every..
keep g-ssing the scr-pers and my haters, not my neighbors
got some mobs men, -ssuring me that they’re on the roof!
they help me sleep better, those…. counting chatter
woke up, washed up, rode up to the loop!
polygraph in the boo, may every land the truth
in the eiffel tour, in the tour for two
leave a lot of n-gg-s blind and unable to chew.