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lirik lagu resurrection – crackaz with attitude


round 2

this song is re-written, so quit b-tchin’
ya betta look out cuz it’s a brand new addition
crackaz with att-tude are here to stay
i sed you betta get the h-ll yeah outta our way

i sed that’s right, were back
you betta watch out
you betta not turn around or put up a fight

if you try to escape your gonna make things worse
now listen up cuz heres the next verse

i don’t care about what you think
we’re better than blink
h-ll yeah that’s right

we’re back with this new song and it’s a brand new beat
it’s gonna make you jump and get up on your feet
i swear to you i would never lie
this freakin’ beat is freakin’ fly

are you glad we’re back to hear our new stuff
we’re better than ever
we even got tough
this song’s off the rizzle, fo shizzle, mah nizzle
that’s thanks to s-n-double o-p d-o double gizzle

people got mad that the crackaz left
i can’t change the past but i can do my best
we needed a break from this music biz
we also needed to get some stuff from the wiz

i can’t sing forever, so for now i’m done
this song has been great and it’s been lots of fun

the last thing that i have to say to you
is you should never have doubts and you should always stay true
be true to yourself and be true to you friends
and so for now, this is the end