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lirik lagu catch a body – i-20


[verse 1: i-20]
they asking where the h-ll i been, i tell em i been
right here
try’na get my buzz back, call me bobby light-year
all we do is write here, tell em we in grind mode
snatch a n-gg- rolex and asking where the time goes
ridin’ with my mind blown, pull up in them drops dawg
girls gone wild style, all you see is tops off
try’na get these rocks off, tell em that it’s snowing
bricks of that white girl, yeah that lindsey lohan
we about that yola n-gg-, show em how to hold a glock
i paint the perfect picture n-gg-, all of y’all are
show ya how to hold a knot, teach ya how to tote a
bust a n-gg- can off his shoulders make his soda pop
then i gotta go to the spot, yeah we getting richer
somewhere in the d, giving d to a thicker b-tch
yeah n-gg- spit is sick; tell em i’m the illest yet
underground king n-gg-, tell em i’m the trillest yet

[hook x4: i-20]
catch a body n-gg-!

[verse 2: fat ray]
my n-gg-
this the realest sh-t of the day it’s 20 and ray
i take a n-gg- whole work cycle, throw it away
like f-ck yo bag, lil n-gg- f-ck yo swag
you get the same sh-t tony gave manolo -ss
run in the dow, crying while he lye on the floor
i’m doper than a mop bucket to blow
pump up the stove, got em fosho, 55 hundred to bow
it gotta be strong on that 4-4 gotta be long
from the same street poverty on i gotta be on
sh-t, if not i’m a show em what the dagger do
i be on the block getting gawp with the snagger tooths
salute real n-gg-s never been a hater
got stink pink gators touching down at decatur
abo gorilla sh-t, certified street n-gg-s
kings of the dealership, big guys iller sh-t
double barrel shotgun like they caught ricky with

[hook x4: i-20]
catch a body n-gg-!