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lirik lagu cbc – (hed) p.e.


in this life
never look back
never do that
stay focused
stay on track
gotta f-ck hos
gotta get it from the back
gotta get hi – hit hydro
never crack

i f-ck that p-ssy
i gotta get it wet
i play with the p-ssy
i bite down on the neck
b-tch – i got no respect
your hair gets pulled
your p-ssy wrecked

you a sl-t
i don’t care
face in the pillow
-ss up in the air
i spank you black and blue
them sl-ts in the club’ll be like
“what happened to you?”

push it
i know you won’t complain
push it
i know you know my name
push it
you don’t need to do a thang

why don’t you just spread your legs and…

c-m b-tch c-m – i want you to
c-m b-tch c-m – i want you to
c-m b-tch c-m – i want you to
say my name when you feel this pain

you wanna tell me how to sing and act
f-ck that
you wanna tell a n-gg- what he should do
f-ck you
you skinny with a 36d
come f-ck me
no – i’m not your boyfriend
b-tch – ya can’t trust me

my god – i just got lucky
she so h-rny – she wanna f-cky sucky
yea that b-tch so sl-tty
out at the club makin out with her buddies
out at the club and dressed all sl-tty

i wanna bust my nut
you wanna love me
i wanna suck your t-ts
you wanna hug me
she’s so fine
i’m so ugly

push it
i know you won’t complain…

c-m b-tch c-m

front – back – side to side

destroy that p-ssy – destroy

f-ck – f-ck – f-ck – f-ck – f-ck

i don’t give a f-ck if it’s in back of the bus or up in the bed
the back of your hed will get fed
and i can’t wait to see your face
i can’t wait to grab that waist
and just rape you

take you on a drive-by
f-ck front – f-ck back – f-ck side to side
eyes roll back when i break ya spine
make love – f-ck that – i’ll make a sl-t cry
f-ck that – i’ll make a sl-t c-m nine times
then i’ll say “can we make more babies”
can i get that p-ssy from behind
can i make these p-ssy lips smoke
like clubs from the eighties

push it…