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lirik lagu celly – caine

this is young caine i stay with a lot a bling
cuz i got h-lla rings like the lakers team
it’s all about guts and glory
and i’m a champion like robert horry

ya’ll n-gg-s don’t don’t know about the way i roll
in hawaii wit a hotty duckin state patrol

im from the top five cities in the whole world
and i’m a top five rapper f-kin down your girl

big doe, big homies and them lil homies
dime hoes, nines, o’s and them pills shorty

foreign cars, cuz thats just how we do it
we runnin these streets and u aready knew it

oh you came up? but we did too..
cuz we move big o’s like a holahoop

there fake like the loony toons
a bunch of squares stuck together like arubix cube

hit me up on the celly
hit me up on the ping
hit me on the black berry cuz im doin my thing

hit me up unblocked, i’ll pick it up when it rings

you can hit me anytime cuz this is my ring..

verse 2:
we go to cancun, do u comprende?
i keep that 45, like the comeback of m.j.

i’m bout chips, i aint just tryna get laid
on some next sh-t, u barely get the rent paid

stack blocks, like lego back in 91
i’m up next and i’m bout to hit a home run

like griffy you just gotta hit me
rollin sticky, on the hussle but my name aint nipsey

240 on the dash, then i stepped on it
cuz i gotta get home to that chonic

5 hundy just to pick up my phone
cuz i got old money like dinasour bones

long as im here you never gonna come up
we ride past like u like “look at that dum f-ck”

in the porche truck and it goes hard/
we get it in with them phones like a sim card.


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