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lirik lagu choppa on da back seat – lil’ wyte

[chorus 2x]
you punks better back up
i dont need no back up
you get high drunk then you cowards wanna act up
[project pat]
i tote a 9 with a choppa on the back seat
i tote a 9 with a choppa on the back seat

[verse 1]
im strapped up loose as a goose yeah im drunk
popped some pills on the way here to deal with you punks
get up out my grill before you end up gettin split
ill use your head for target practice and youll end up gettin hit
you deep down in the dirty
you chirpin nervous like a birdy birdy
did ya heard me
dont cha worry
let me cleverly re word it
you are in my world and youre about to get f-cked up
heres my cingular use it quick and call your backup up
by the time they get here you’ll be bleedin and have yo -ss kicked to the ceilin
dont you see we dont even believen 90 percent of the sh-t you preachin
so sucka back up shoulda neva decided to act up
on a regular day i have enough haters to fill up the back of a mac truck b-tch

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2]
creepin down the slab
peter piper had to pack
a perpatratin pistol playin p-ssy lackin all respect
for the game and ev’ry one around so we broke his neck
claim killa but for real i sent the real killas a check
yeah thats right i sent some change to the ones who did the dirt
i woulda got em but the day they got em my -ss had to work
i was outta town after a show countin up my cheese
gotta phone call from onion talkin bout i need ag
he said i got heavy d tied up on the couch
face down with a rifle wound bleedin out his mouth
i asked was he dead
he said naw but i cant keep him here long
why you want me to kill him? no thanks for the info im on my way home


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