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lirik lagu cinco de mayo – in her own words


i can’t believe
is this the world i breathe?
those motherf-ckers will believe anything they see.
so you ask, “how do we solve this?”
just quit your b-tchin, just be bitter against the vogue that starts.
i can’t stand to be this way.
be this way!
my face is blemished,
but this world’s much worse than me.
i can’t seem to change your ways.
you say you’re living,
but the intakes worse than you think.

comfort this disease
my heads still spinning from the pills i took today.

everyday when i step outside my ethics seem to fade.
do i really belong here?
with her l-st in my mouth and my mind shot to the sky.
we’ll get lost, we’ll take shots, we’ll induce ourselves
with notions that are standard and made current by the lack of svelte
and what we’ve felt.
so please read the following

and go, i wanna see all of you.

let the beat drop!