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lirik lagu concrete jungle – above the law

this is mich-lle devine, coming to you live from the hoods finest
walz, i gotta give a shout out to my homegirl, mimi
she just broke up with her man
hey i always say if you can’t break a n-gg-, then shake the n-gg-
this next song is goin out to all the players
somethin new from above the law called concrete jungle

i say what’s up fool, i’m kickin it with my partners
i’m checkin with my homies and we movin sh-t proper
i peep a magnum b-tch, i’m wonderin’ what she thinkin
she say what you lookin at pimp, i’m wonderin what this hoe was drinkin
as she greased that -ss in the place
and then the pimp clinic recognized the face
it’s the same old b-tch with the jack move
real smooth, with nothing to prove
so here comes the 5-7 sniper
b-tches can’t dance if they can’t pay the piper
tryin to make a g like every single day
i’m sippin on some alazai, rollin in the rag top trey
yo, a young n-gg- tryin to have it
doin it like i’m doin it, is an everyday habit
do i do i lick, or do i call a caper
cause i’m like sprung off the motherf-ckin paper
now, now, now n-gg-z wanna know where we get it from
we play dumb, then they ask can we get some
no, you gotta step and if you can’t bring the funk
and if i gave you a chunk you’d probably skip town punk
and run and tell your motherf-ckin b-tch or two
or your hoe, cause you thought the clinic had no clue
now scandalous motherf-ckers get broke to they knees
as the click run in ya like the aids disease

[chorus x2]
nothin from nothin leaves nothin
in the concrete jungle
everybody wanna know, how you get that cash flow

now i’ma get straight to the point cause i’m here
and just like shaq i’ma slam the pill
on the real, so chill, cause fools be tryin to loc up
f-ckin around with my they only get they -ss broke up
or broke down, cause n-gg-z be tryin to clown this sh-t
but find out that i don’t play the b-tch
yo, the last n-gg- tried to play me like a hoe
got popped with my motherf-ckin 4-4
so now you know what its like to get clipped to the otherside
we rowdy when we in the g ride
we dumpin out the window k-oss blaze the indo
suckas at the door, nah, it’s nina flow
back up off me we about to wreck shop, take shop
it’s n-gg-z on the list that might get mobbed up
if they don’t cut with the quickness
cause we always strappin 9’s to help with the thickness
cause if you’re soft, you’ll never ever get no f-ckin props
you’re funky on the block, snitchin to the f-ckin cops
like kmg say you better back up
cause when you play the p-ssy boy, you get f-cked
cause i’m cold, leave you -ss stuck like subzero
jump that -ss out, and rip out your torso
see that’s the price when you’re f-ckin with the real
so take my advice and just chill


how you get that cash flow
everybody wanna know, how you get that cash flow
everybody wanna know, how you get that cash flow

yeah, i told you it would be the bomb, right now
i wanna give a shout out to everybody on the westside kickin it
everybody on the eastside doin they thang, i gotta message for tyrone
dede say she don’t wanna be wit you no more, d-mn it’s a cold world
and pam, gq’s from the east side said that ain’t his baby
girl, you better check that n-gg-, or check yourself
oh shawn, pea just called in, she said that was f-cked up
the way you played her last night at the club
said everything’s all right, she just wanna know
who that ugly b-tch was you left with, anyway
i gotta get out, the word for the day is paper
if you ain’t got none, you better get some
and if you don’t know how you get it
you better learn

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