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lirik lagu country boy – tyra


let’s make ’em whistle y’all
yea, this one right here
is to all my country boys, yea
see i love everybody
mid-west, east coast, west coast
but its something special
about these country boys
down here in the dirty south, ya know

[verse 1]
i met a little cuttie
he was round my way
accent was a little funny
are you from va
he said no i’m not
im from atl
well you doin the d-mn thing
and you doin it well
well i have my share of men
black, whites to indians
but i never had a dude like you
im tryna tell you now
that im feelin your style
can i chill one night with you

you aint seen nothin
if you aint had lovin
from one of them, country boys
you aint got a clue
if you don’t know what to do
when you see one of them, country boys

[verse 2]
he’s got henni in his cup
24’s on his truck
b-tterflies in my gut
cuz he said wussup
he’s got fronts in his mouth
cuz he’s from down south
come and holla at me
cuz you drive me crazy
boy, go ‘head with ya bad -ss
what you need from me just ask
see, cuz a guy like you
and a girl like me
not usually into rushin
but you drive me crazy
he’s crunk like jon
with a body like usher
up in the club
never scared like bone crush
i’ll take you home
we can tag team wrestle
and if you like it slow,
give you that red light special

[chorus] x2

[verse 3]
from va to ga
miami to the lou
all these country boys
y’all im feelin you
the carolinas to my boys in alabama
even down in mississippi y’all i don’t think y’all hear it
go ‘head with ya bad -ss
what you need from me just ask
take my number
and baby please call
any time i don’t mind at all

[chorus] x2