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lirik lagu cradle of my dreams – comma


days spin around, still i dream
a smile means everything
candles surround me
the ethereal light above disappear
screaming help as i beg
to a deaf angel lying in my hand

this cold morning that you leave…

beyond my dreams tonight
somewhere i can’t decide
she says “walk with me as i fade”

a vivid vision inside my head
whispering the fears i had
“she looked right into my eyes”

when those voices help me to
turn all my love into
an endless pain i never tasted

cold, as i invite the pain, i won’t be afraid

do you hear me?
silence clipped my wings
do you feel me?
i am quite as the wind

i will stand tall and never brake, till you gone away
lost in the lie of this fate, where shadows laugh in
and all those fantasies we made, will slowly drift away
lost and denied by myself, i’ll be living the stage.

it’s time to feel
it’s time to raise the dead
this devotion made me blind
and now it’s so hard to say
this cold surprise
won’t you set me free

i’ll walk away, sounds call insane,
as time runs through my head
i’ll lead the way

i will stand tall and never brake, till you gone away
broken dreams in my hand, live inside but been delayed
when all those memories we had, watch me as i fade
i’ll burn the cradle of my dreams