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lirik lagu only 20 months apart – da killa kc


you already know what i do when i need to vent
but i need you to really hear me on this one though
this for you, d
{you are now listening to xplode music}

yeah, we used to be so close
the bond we had was too unbreakable to leave us broke
our personalities were mirrored
we’re related that sh*ts clear
but it seems somehow the years left me only seeing smoke
my older bro, we’re 20 months apart, that’s another fact
always felt i loved you more than you could ever love me back (back)
and it hurts to know and even though i always wondered that
i never questioned it, never thought of it as something bad
i’m the one who’s so protective, you’d call me “over obsessor”
i tripped out when i caught you doing cocaine on your dresser
we were only teens, i said, ‘i thought that you knew better
and i know you do, you need to get your f*ckin’ act together’
you’re hanging out with bad directors, this sh*t ain’t a movie (movie)
since i’m younger than you, seems you never listen to me
you said i should understand since we both got bullied
“i’m just tryna fit in, tryna f*ckin’ see what being cool be (cool be)
it ain’t like that, d, you think those people truly care?
focus bro, they left you all alone, but who was there?
remember when i fought your girlfriend and she f*ckin’ pulled my hair?
and you still chose to stay with her that night, that sh*t ruined my year
it was my birthday, we were ‘sposed to go out and get drunk
but instead that jealous b*tch just went ahead and f*cked it up
you’d always let these people get between the both of us
but you gotta be careful bro, the devils tryna interrupt
you have to take lead man, you ain’t gotta choose to follow (follow)
our brother johnny ain’t around, ain’t tryna lose you also
i bit my tongue about it, ate my words, chewed and swallowed
while i’m suffering a pain so deep, you front like you so shallow (shallow)
why you act so selfish? why you gotta be so self*absorbed?
when you know i got your back, for you i’d do whatever for
ain’t always gotta be a competition for a better score
better yet, want better for the both of us, no metaphor
no sl!ck words, no wordplay, i’m speaking what’s authentic
each and every line i mean, no, it ain’t just another sentence
really want the family close again, it ain’t that tough, now is it?
jason too, my life won’t be the same without my brothers in it
let’s try to rebuild, even though we’ve burned a couple bridges
i’m down to work it out if everyone could up the physics
it’s only portion of what my entire bucket list is
and you know that ‘bout me bro, i go for what i want, and get it
but it seems like there’s no reasoning, ‘cause everything’s an argument
don’t treat me like no auto sh*t, this ain’t another car to fix
i’m tryna make it work, but we both gotta take part in it
just know i’m ready when you are, my whole soul and my heart in it (heart in it)
yeah, another challenge in our palms
gotta fight to make it right, ‘cause we been battling our wrongs
the pain of losing dad, you hear the damage in my songs
so at least we gotta try so we could balance it for mom
we tipped the scale along the way, sh*t got way too heavy
understand, so much has changed, please don’t act like you don’t get me
let’s support each other once again, then we’ll be steady
leave aside the egos and the pride, i’m ready when you’re ready (ready)
i know that just said that, but i mean it, you should know this
and it hurts me more then you could probably ever f*ckin’ notice
i decided ima write it, maybe you’ll hear me if i wrote it
since you listen to music more than me, this one’s devoted
yeah (yeah)
i feel like i just said everything i need to say (say, say)
for now (for now, for now)
just know i’m still here for you, bro (bro, bro)
mom’s here (mom’s here, mom’s here)
and dad’s watching over us (over us, over us)
i love you (i love you)
it’s not a dream (it’s not a dream)