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lirik lagu back – dave patten


i want to go back to the old days, back to better times
i want to relive the beauty that ran out of my life
back to the old me, back as far as i’d like
i wouldn’t change it i just want to experience it twice
mmm ohhhh

i’ve got this picture frame bought it at the dollar store
it’s held my memories longer than i could hold them for
and i look at it now, as i looked at it then
i close my eyes and relive the moment again
i can’t help but smile i’m in a perfect place
i love seeing you here this way you’ll never fade
and i can dream big even when i’m asleep
i know you’re close by always comforting me

i’ve got this painting here, a picture of a bridge
it meant nothing before but now i treasure it
this bridge was really small, not my centerpiece
it just hung on my wall and captured memories
strange and beautiful in everything i see
every color every stroke is like a piece of me
i’m so invested now, remember when we started?
with all that love, i still don’t know the artist

i’ve got this old guitar, it should be in the trash
the strings are broken the bridge is gone and the neck is snapped
but every time i look it’s like i’m fifteen
trying to make my first impression here on the camp scene
hah, you’re taking me back, oh i remember it now
the bitter taste of defeat every time a girl shut me down
it’s just a piece of wood, but look how much i learned
it seemed dumb at the time, i’m just happy it worked

now i’m facing myself, we’re standing eye to eye
it’s a test to see who can trump the effects of time
we have a clear winner, i must be ten years old
but i embrace the wisdom, rejuvenate my soul
i feel a changed man, even from yesterday
and i am proud to say this sinner’s learned from his mistakes
cause if you give it up, well then you’ll never know
and there’s only one place you’re ever gonna want to go