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lirik lagu 10 drink of blood – deekestrelz


[intro: karim kaloga, christine aspell]
hey christine, you gotta him gonna help of man and girl and boys is drinking
the drinkers gotta cups of the red (yeah son of 10 drink of blood…)

[verse one:]
d-e-e-p-e-r with the braves-hey
for the karim-n-gg-, karim-nig for norman graves
c-h-r-i-s-t-i-n-e aspell
coz am form daspell for the scared, karim-nig son!
and now to the dead, son slayers for help those
all you cause don’t you don’t you for the ghost channel
son, if you see like a horror
n-gg- n-gg- sh-t for the spell like a shower
deeko is deshowers the placed with the horror
stand like danger… the chamber
now to the 44. like a murders fear
like up a feel like rhymers to deadsons here
megan megan, finna like tegan
add additional metadata like began
i don’t give a f-ck you guys like a mark
because i’m afraid for the lark to the dark

[verse two:]
hey, terror, terror, what!, is error
braincells to pointless, not all and mirror (grave)
like a spelling, shot!, when i deadly
once in the tomb deekestrelz like a ready
grave feelin’ roomin’, to cells like a doomin’
the prize, holdin’ not holdin’ grabbin’ groomin’
duo like a money, madsaved
and now to the lived for graved like a womb, tomb

[outro: karim kalogah]
10 drink of blood, man
10 drink of blood, children
10 drink of blood, girl
10 drink of blood, nicola
10 drink of blood, pam
10 drink of blood, olivia
10 drink of blood, clarie
10 drink of blood, daddy
10 drink of blood, mommy
10 drink of blood, hamed
oh no, drunk is take him!