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lirik lagu wait a minute – derek minor, canon, & byron juane


wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
all i do is win
wait a minute

[verse 1: byron juane]
oh no my guy no don’t you play yourself
who the king with the crown
there ain’t n-body else
know i go pound for the pound
i’m looking for opps when they round
g i’m the don (dawn) of this town
and it just turned back into day
it ain’t no thing to leave you done
just from a pop of the trunk
it ain’t no team it ain’t no squads
it’s just my dawgs in the cut
so now you hurt now you cut
try neosporin for bandage
bets turn your pain to advantage
and take that back as a lesson
grabbed that trophy off shelf
i got that gold on me
oh see that boy he got that drip
he got that storm don’t he
storm don’t he storm coming
rain flooding i couldn’t
be on the team opposing him
you stuck like being friends
i’m close like next of kin
got dream in my eye
for the team not just i
keep this in line like it’s chiropractic
accounted it’s being added
i’m spraying i’m automatic
i need a moment for glory
so let me cease
while i’m at it

wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
all i do is win
wait a minute

[verse 2: derek minor]
with all due disrespect
please don’t let my name come up out your neck
i got family members that a pay the debt
i’ll be on the phone like please don’t run up on em with that tech
i’m on a tight rope between being a lion and lamb
i’m guessing this how yeshua feel when he dealing with man
like y’all gotta be crazy
i shine bright as the son ain’t never been shady
i kamikaze all of them
my lack of reaction is a show of power
cause if i wanted i could snap and end it all with a shower
surfing on the ark like it’s wavy baby
and the compliments are cool but pay me baby
the late people like who is he
i ain’t ever seen n-body rap like this for g-o-d
you trying to get to the truth holler at me
i got the plug maybe i can pull some strings