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lirik lagu comrades – destroyermariko


i came to you for help
my comrades in the battle
but you still talk about it all
and i’m no better off
it seems there’s no escape
you’re just as bad as everybody else
and i’m done

i came to hide but found something worse
appropriation of all their words
refocus in on what i avoid
i see the world now turning to freud

and everybody follows along
conformity in vision and song
unvaried culture forever mundane
clones of each other but i’ll break the chains

toxic plethora, to be more precise
obsessive need to categorise
your futile language of indignation
you see the world as separation

new propaganda thrown in my face
enforcing silence to fake a safe place
you let them hijack, forfeit control
aggressive hatred, a new protocol

it’s fine, i’d rather not stay
i guess i’ll go my own way

and i’m done