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arise(sung jin woo rap) - diggz da prophecy lyrics


time to show ’em i’mma different man before it hits the fan
pick a plan, talking all that sh*t, you wouldn’t get the chance
you bet i’m finna snap, so trust, i hit the gram
life is like a gym * every day i’m out here lifting bands
and i ain’t beat for all you hating dudes
causing h*lla friction, everything they gotta say is rude
don’t let ’em get to my mind because i’m way too smooth
a game of chess, i think it over ‘fore i make a move
i hate to lose, but learn the best when i take a l
the days i dwell had me feeling like it’s safe to tell
the world my story, and i’m hoping that they take it well
god body, though i’m heaven sent, i went and gave ’em h*ll
win or fail, i’m feeling blessed ’round here
i told ’em man up and show ’em you the best out here
i worked the system, i’m the next y’all fear
ain’t no rapunzel, there won’t ever be a let down here
uh, with my desire for power
i ain’t never lose my way, now i’m just wired to challenge
for that spot, i just figure it’ll make cents
zero to one hundred, now y’all got me on my drake sh*t
f*ck the tiers and the ranking, i’mma breeze pass
they say these boys looking different in that e*class
born weak, just wait and earn you a chance
staying weak, means you never went to learn to advance
i’m just saying you should learn from every battle
or you doomed and finna sink in what be lurking in the shadows
just look at me, i was a weakling that was fragile
and now i’m standing tall, i rose from deep in gravel
i never traveled, bruh, i’m standing on that business
life is never easy, look it took some time to get this
and this the end, bro, i’m through with the lesson
so go and tell your friends that wu ain’t nothing to f with

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