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lirik lagu deuces shoeless vs the double dribbles – dance club massacre

simply the greatest game of all time.
a 5 on 5 b-ball extravaganza.
mitch and i shall be team captains and select the best from the best.
in my first pick at power forward i choose the samoan bulldozer umaga.
in retaliation mitch boosts his defense and steals with the repo man.
fortunately enough i receive jimmy snuk for the distant shots, and kamala as a towering center.
now mitch has chosen too cold scorpio and d’lo brown.
but i know who knows the real low down.
mr. fuji shall play the perimeter on my shoeless team.
mitch scrambles santino marella.
he thinks this is his casa.
well a certain necro butcher thinks otherwise.
poor shock master is with mitch by default.
no one likes to be picked last.
in a game of razzle dazzle- jukes, spins, blood sweat and tears have flooded the court.
in the final showdown, with 5 seconds left on the clock, my main man mr. fuji hits a fade away shot on the 9 point spot to win the game.
shoeless warriors of mine…
to the bar, drinks on me.
f-ck you mitch.

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