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lirik lagu devil’s door – slightly stoopid

devil’s door

heard you knockin’ on the, devil’s door
come back tomorrow baby, cause he ain’t takin’ anymore.
see you walking down on, bourbon street
i can tell you girl, who the man is you got to meet.
he’s got the flashy diamonds, he’s got the brand new cars.
said he’s got the kind of things,
the kind of things that’ll take you far,
and alls you got to give, all’s you got give,
is just a little bit of lovin’ girl

like a vampire, she strikes the streets at night.
said she’s gonna give you everything you want and more,
if your timing’s right.
and all’s you gotta give, alls you gotta give
is just a little bit of loving girl

money’s coming in everything is fine, food on the fridge
and there’s plenty of time, to get you back up on top again.
is better than being at the bottom near the bitter end
caught you in the game, the stories told, devils come around to take you soul
said he wants to be your number one man,
and tell ya where to walk and who to f-ck,
and when you can stand in the backseat of my limousine
if you make a million dollars baby you’ll be the queen of it all.

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