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lirik lagu dj play a love song – jamie foxx

[spoken jamie:]
i know you see me lookin’ at you
and i know he know you lookin’ at me

dj won’t you play this girl a love song
she really needs to hear this freakin’ love song
she’s lookin’ at me kinda hard, i can tell that things ain’t right on the home front
what she really needs is a g like me to beat a beat, beat it, beat it

[verse 1]
i can see how you want it baby
wish ya man wasn’t here with ya baby
i can see (ha) curiosity (ha ha)
gotcha wanna try me (ha ha)
homeboy can’t please ya (ha ha)
on this wall in the open baby
you wouldn’t care if the crowd was watchin’ baby
(ha ha) you want it
(ha ha)i know it
(ha ha)gotta notion to pull yo -ss up outta here

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2]
baby, i got things that i wanna say
won’t you meet me in the bathroom
we can pull a freaky episode, i got my beretta if the n-gg- come through
baby, i know he ain’t treatin’ you right lady, look at yo bad -ss
(turn around) ooh (turn around) ooh (d-mn you fine) ooh ooh ooh ooh

[chorus 2x]

tell me why he did you wrong
need to get up with the twista i been sippin’ on patron
stroke it when i hold them legs up
he can take you out to dinner and look like a playa
i’m a give it to you good up in the elevator
he be actin’ all soft when he get in them draws
i’m a break you off and f-ck you up against the wall
finna move up in that slot cuz i’m somethin’ he not
and he don’t know what he got, i’m in the drop top
to get the tw-t i got a knot, no more runnin’ from the cops
now i’m rollin’ with foxx because the block’s hot
but i’m always a g, cuz i come from the streets and i got heat for whoever thinkin’ they want some
no more f-ckin’ with them lames, now you rollin’ with a thug, so tell that n-gg- to beat it, beat it

[chorus 2x]

dj play this girl a song
turned her out, d-mn that clown, ain’t been down

dj play this girl a song

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