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lirik lagu don’t need you – ray j


uh uh
yeah yeah
darkchild, ray j
yeah yeah

[ray j]
girl, you had everything
but you played around
now look at you youâ´re hurting
cause you lost the only thing that made you happy
now you really do regret it ’cause you’re struggling
and now you wanna run back to me, baby

[ray j]
cause i can love you (yes i can)
but now we are through
you made me change all the feelings i had for you
you wouldnâ´t change you
you could have love so true
but youâ´re the same and thatâ´s why iâ´m so cold baby

[ray j]
baby, you couldve had everything (you everything)
but you had to play with me (but you had to play with me)
now you want to me back in my life (back in my life, baby)
you don’t have to play with me (yeah, yeah)
tryin you to make believe (make believe)
cause you know i donâ´t need you in my life

[ray j]
you thought you had me
cause everyday i told you just what i was feeling
so instead of you growing closer to me
see you flipped it all and took advantage of me
but now itâ´s all caught up to you, baby

-bridge- 1x

-chorus- 2x

-bridge2- 2x
[syn. voice]
i betcha regret it don’tcha
shouldnt have tried to play me butcha
read it from the script you tripped
you wish you were with me now

-chorus- 4x

-chorus over bridge2- 3x