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lirik lagu down south – snoop dogg

[chorus 2x: snoop dogg]
down south smuggling cash, hustlin for cash
bustin my -ss, just to live 1st cl-ss
as the game rotate, i regulate to innovate
city to city, state to state, don’t hate

[verse 1: snoop dogg]
i get up early in the morning, i take a blunt to the head
gets my kids out the bed
jump out, do what i have to
mack two, four or five b-tches just to keep my game on tight
snoop d-o-double-gizzie keep it busy, keep it dizzy
keep these people guessin
i ain’t stressin, now the lesson
is this, when you in the mix of tryin to get yo chips
seperate yo friends from yo b-tch
now this is this, this is this, and this that
cause once upon a time the homies try to jack
they tried to creep on double g from the back
so i had to move down south, is it right?, is it like that?
ain’t no need for me to tell y’all what the f-ck popped off
n-gg-z tryed to take my chips and then they got knocked off
snoop dogg don’t be playin, i be sayin the real
i’m serious bout this paper dogg, and i might get killed
if i keep it too real, let me spill my guts, over this track
to let you n-gg-z know how i act
i get the chedder, keep it better
keep my sweater on close
just in case these n-gg-z take a trip out the coast
and try to catch me slippin, i ain’t slippin no more
let me smoke this indo and then i count my dizzough
and when i hit the shtizzo, or better yet the schizzo
you can gaurantee, i’m gauranteed to show

chorus 2x

yeah n-gg-, west coast, down south
hookin up, breakin bread, makin paper, n-gg-
boss player, get at them n-gg-z

[verse 2: boss player]
snoop, i feel ya n-gg-, boss player i’m boss scrilla
when there’s beef, sh-t gets realer, n-gg-z be tryin to get familiar
now i’ll spill ya for a buck, n-gg- f-ck wit this princ-p-l
what? you got a vest on ya chest?, i’ll aim for ya head, cause n-gg- ya not invincible
cause after all day, hustlin cash, bustin my -ss
a n-gg- think they gon f-ck up my cash
ya throwed off and funkin like trash, f-ckin wit the rotation
i’m tryin to sling brick city to city, and get off probation
and n-gg-z be hatin, snoop you said these n-gg-z was snitches
and n-gg-z be waitin to call the cops and gossip like b-tches
but i ain’t trippin, i’ma live first cl-ss and let hoes p-ss
and handle my business, cause dogg, it’s all about cash

[chorus 2x: boss player]
down south, hustlin cash, bustin my -ss
just to live first cl-ss
as the game rotate, i regualte to innovate
city to city, state to state, don’t hate

[outro: kane]
wh-ssup, snoop n-gg-, i see ya, what’s the deal n-gg-?
kane and abel, n-gg-, real n-gg-z get together, ya heard me
boss p, do ya thing, n-gg-, most wanted boys
this is how we do it, n-gg-, all y’all motherf-ckin b-tch–ss
ho–ss, p-ssy in the motherf-ckin can -ss n-gg-z cryin like b-tches
y’all n-gg-z gon feel this sh-t this year, n-gg-
f-ck that sh-t, n-gg-, get yo paper, n-gg-
get on that grind, be ya own motherf-ckin man
get ya hustle on, n-gg- stay out ya motherf-ckin mama house, n-gg-
f-ck that sh-t, n-gg-, get that cheese, man
yo, boss, we gon take over this year, n-gg-
most wanted boys, most wanted records

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