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lirik lagu mega cypher – eazyd


my ability is about to accident in the addiction
i admit its not a adult advertising
almost among the actor
that i actually achieve with
add actually i appear to be gangster
i’m alone but i am still with the alphabet
i am not a alcoholic, i already told you
i’m still alive, dont make me angry
i gave advice, hey baby? i am back
i am badly hurt, this t*shirt are full of dirt
they still battling to get the title king
its rangit singh who still have a flying wing
like those fairy story but in my inventory
its like i’m the diamond i’m just totally grown
i just started eating dictionary
from my baby flowers
this totally getting close, now i can’t afford
my life is like a fully of dirty tricks
i got a chance to play in movie
they say “ahh….not no more”
i was to old to get the money from roam
i am like what the f*ck you talking?
this is my band m rolling in the maruti van
with symptom like a kim jong
thats your income
eney mini my ni mo
nga lu tro me ga en mo
i dont want to be no kelly
gotta heart attack, n0body says like
f*ck it i will be back
i get dollars why you bring wallat
thats the word
you never heard of eazyd
my verses like a verdict
i’m gonna sever it causes
we ain’t battling for collaborate
this public station out this street
your boyfriend says i’ll be back
m getting many letters
probably from body, cardi, ardi
i woke up on the f*ck
you never let me put my p*n*s in your *n*s
gotta many competition this is definition of my f*cking nation
see you in this position but i gotta a condition, this my f*cking addiction but i have to do this because my tradition and my ambition is the only single mission have to make a recognition