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lirik lagu sorry – emberwolf


sorry that i f-cked up
can’t quite forget
so sorry that i messed it up
so sorry that i cared

you dropped me
i dropped you
it has to be so fragile, huh?
my heart is breaking
i’m still standing
i’m still calling
but i know you won’t pick up

i’m so sorry that i cared
i’m so sorry that i f-cked up
i just can’t give it up
fill my cup
it’s overflowing with regret
i kinda regret the first time we met

this picture of you
it makes me feel blue
i need to break these ties
if i’ll ever stop cutting myself

now my bl–dy hand is going under
now what fills my lungs is water
now my skin’s colder
i hope you feel like h-ll
‘cuz i’ll be in heaven