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lirik lagu embarrassed – sage francis


(feat. slug & eyedea)

[intro – slug]
look at me for a second
no, seriously, look at me
honestly, ask yourself this
lookin at me, do you really think that there is any way possible for you to embarr-ss me?
look at me! do you really think i care what you think?
do you really think i care what you say?
look at me!

[hook – all]
i’m embarrased by my past actions and even more ashamed
of my present thoughts and future endeavors to clear my name [x2]

i’m embarr-ssed, i’m embarr-ssing, i’m an embarr-ssment, and it’s all addin’ up [x2]

[verse 1 – sage francis]
i’m so preoccupied with self indulgence to see
what you provided me, i fully appreciate your offerings
and the awful things in are lessened
by lessons of self-acceptance i want blessings
and i regret keeping a distance
for future reference over bridges are preventable, i know the traps
humanity as a whole will collapse, now close the gaps
we dwell on what we share, and what separates us
we’re all different, but what makes us a unit?
music is a universal language; so is anguish, pain, and torment
balance of emotions, it shows a happiness upon us
no more pickin’ sides, one without the other is impossible
(uhh, forgot what i was supposed to say)
they call it bi-polar, unstable conditions, they got me lookin’ over my shoulder
the book that i wrote ya’, was meant to move the time slower
but it was spent cookin’ my mind’s motor, now i’m older

[hook x2]

[verse 2 – eyedea]
yeah, it was in the cards that i’m to be forever haunted
hip hop is slowly but surely becoming the big brother
i never wanted homie to hurt me, purely to mic
still my head is astonished with sonics and stetics
poetics and knowledge and polished rhetoric
everything has its negative
conscience consciously edit
constantly get rid of the rigorous repet-tive movements
been better than you since…
it’s easier to talk to you about it than to do it
here i am, center of the spotlight
they all drunk and smilin’, waiting for their c-ckfight
“time to entertain” says the clock of life
so i became the freaky kid i’m starin’ at, even though you know it’s not right
embarr-ssment, it’s in between insecurity and arrogance
i’m a machine with a clarity i can barely grip
so if i seem red in the face, it’s not ’cause i feel out of place
it’s just that

[hook x2]

[breakdown x2 – slug]
and i can yell all day, all night, all day
and i still doubt that you would hear a word i say
and i can drive all night, all day, all night
but if you stay with me, you’ll never get it right

[verse 3 – slug]
i was never much for the self-driven skepticism
i was that cat that let distraction affect my vision
you were the kitten that was screaming to
cover up the sound of landing or crashing, however it was going down,
but it’s goin’ down and it’s goin’ fast
and i have no doubts about whether or not it’s gonna last
fill the gl-ss, tilt your head back
let it trickle through the throat to where you hide your giggles and your laughs
i’ll wait to find the correct departure time
shine my eyes to keep the lies from climbin’ up inside my mind
some belong to you, and some belong to me,
but none of them can escape the contemplation necessary
you can’t scare me, but you can keep it buried
put your hands on the circle; try to steer me
and now that i sing all of my songs worth singing,
i’m guessing that it’s just a test to see how strong i can bring it.