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lirik lagu everybody get up – pitbull


we gon kill em in the club with this one
tear the club the f-ck up (4x)

let them boys ride(6x)

everybody get up

let them boys ride(6x)

everybody get up


its p-i-t and i want everybody in the club to get crunk wit me
go ahead throw em up represent yo click city
mami got a fat -ss and t-ttys
you already know pitbull gon hit it
money still a major issue/yall gon get it
yall already know how i done, who i done it wit
i love these fools that think they run sh-t
thinkin that they money long
nest week they money gone
if the deal was right then whys yo money wrong
f-ck v.i.p.!!
i want the whole club to say f-ck v.i.p.
catch me at the bar wit a broad and a round of shots
buddy act hard and he’s scard cuz will hit him wit a round of shots
not only do these boys rap but they lookin for a mother f-ckin town to lock
como!?!?/half of these boys when it jump off they be actin like some h-m-s!!
its quite simple let me tell you wut we gon do in the club tonight
we gon tear it up
tear it up(5x)
come on lets ride


pretty ricky:

cant understand there part—-

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