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lirik lagu 12pm in vegas – faso (rapper)



i know you wish it wasn’t you
i know you always think about the light right after blue
i know some people who conspire on the truth
yeah, i know em better than you
but still i’m not better than the snapchat b*tches that be making me jealous
keep my intention on the fire during colder weather
find a way around the curb she been looking for my heart to find a way around my words
yeah, you could get lost in that maze
you gotta criss cross motherf*ckers dropping these days
and that’s a lot of talking these days
i gotta settle down and make sure that my options are straight
and you could sign below
the deposit hit so make sure that the contract is known
in the hard hat zone when they working on the home
with the city in my view so i could never be alone
she love to give me head in the castle called the grove
and she know i treat that p*ssy like my humble abode
im left but i’m back like i never did
i was gone doing everything you say you did
in the bracket of losers but you gone say you win
my tax bracket is six figures and 6’6
yeah, add it up and what you get
i created heavens own i wasn’t heavens sent
leave it alone and let the metal vent
i got deus on the phone he working settlements
working day and night, everyone invested in
yeah, a bunch of millionaire gentlemen
yeah, who thought in 2009 i would have a bag for my mom
ten years later they tagging along
tagging me in pictures to have me alone
taking all my hoodies to smell my cologne
seeing me in persona and hugging me close
secretly wishing she was one of my hoes
its really not a secret she want me to know
and these are the distractions that come with the show
yeah, we about to be actually one with the cold
and alone who consider us family should know
all this insecurity starting to show
i think i need security larger at shows
i think when she get near me its hard to control
cause she knew me since the kid who was walking her home
they try to giggle and laugh and get back to the road
they try and talk about they p*ssy and not bout the goals
yeah, but i could never know
all the talks around the table that you sat you have
where the music since the microphone you gave me back
you apologize but i could never say it back
you a fan of mine and i could never hate on that
yeah but here i am from a higher place
finishing they ends by my fireplace
yeah, they invaded on my private sp*ce
that’s why i keep a pistol in my writing sp*ce
hit the code, find a pen, then i hide away
hit the code through the gate then i drive away
i always told my dogs about the brighter days
but they been searching for something to take the light away
yeah, but who are you without me, who are you to doubt me
you been talking all these things you never knew about me
before you moved around me, before you ever had a clue about me
they been talking like there’s nothing you can do about it
like imma fool around and tell you what i knew about em
i don’t care to make it personal i thought about it
but everybody keep on saying not to talk about it
so imma leave it at that and still leave you in half
wishing that the units were matched, we try and lend you boys a hand
yeah, tryna lend you boys a hand
i try to tell em once but they could never understand