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lirik lagu facelifts waterfalls – bei maejor

“facelifts waterfalls”

upside down…
upside down…

sometimes it seems like the matrix
takes us, all through the races
and everybody running
but we going different places
and everybody crying
they just fall on different faces
and life is a struggle, everybody won’t make it
see i was on the plane with a bunch of white people watching world cup soccer,
man, them n-gg-s going crazy,
but if there had been some black people watching basketball
then we’d be ghetto the motherf-ckers racist.
it seems the prettiest girls the ones that get the facelifts,
they d-mn doctors bills take they whole life savings.
i wonder why do we always wanna trade places
with someone who would trade with us because they couldn’t take it.
and women post pictures on they page -ss naked,
and we admire that, n-gg-s treat ’em like they famous,
and let another woman come along and try to save ’em,
they twist they faces up and they acknowledge that as hating.
and times the hardest thing to get back once you waste it,
and face it, this life is really only what you make it.
they saying “bei, slow down younging, you gotta pace it”
but you can’t concern yourself with standards when your chasing greatness.

i know…
facelifts and waterfalls… yeah…
facelifts and waterfalls… uh… yeah…
pray that

i think it’s time to let the water fall,
make it rain everyday ’cause i order ball,
new play call it “auto ball”,
it’s too much banging get off each other’s b-lls.
sipping champagne, way up in first cl-ss,
where n-gg-s make their whole year i did the first half.
a january and it was cold outside,
n-gg-s doubted me but can you heard me told ’em right?
i don’t walk i just fly, i went from once a blue moon to once a blue sky.
and old school women love me like that new guy,
got my hat to the side and my eyes on the prize
and you can not hold me down it’s like tryna hold water,
my generation going dumb i’m tryna grow smarter.
mad that my girl tell her broke friends what i bought her
but her skin so soft man i think she carol’s daughter.
garden of eden beauty when she’s naked
and this life here is only what you make it,
so i’m a make sure tonight we do it all,
close your eyes facelifts and waterfalls

… upside down…
upside down… yeah…
upside down…
bei maej…
upside down…

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