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lirik lagu fall asleep – wiz khalifa

fall asleep

fall asleep
fall asleep

[verse 1:]
i got a crib so fat that
you’ll get lost in that b-tch
i got a car so fast that if i push one b-tton, you won’t see nothin’
i got a feelin’ that if it wasn’t for me it wouldn’t be a lot of you n-gg-s
well copy this then
spend a million, count another million boy

[hook x6:]
fall asleep

[verse 2:]
i woke up in hawaii today
for real, i hold dope
none, these little young n-gg-s try me today
uh, cause between all of these closets and all of these boxes i got
ooo, i got so much swag
that the people at the airport don’t even wanna touch my bag
only n-gg- in first cl-ss

fall asleep
fall asleep
fall asleep
and i roll that weed and get baked off
before the plane even take off, n-gg- i
fall asleep
catch me on the road gettin’ money
i’m in a whole different country by the time i
fall asleep
fall asleep

[verse 3:]
i’m flyer than most of ’em
they try and hate, but most love ’em
them dollars, got most of ’em
thanks to who supplyin’ what i’m rollin’ up
all this kush in my mind got me slowin’ up
don’t gotta smoke, i get high enough for both of us
get a o and blow and get another o and blow another o

[hook x10]

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