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lirik lagu fight song – the karkadens

they’ve got numbers; we’ve got martyrs
and we’re out here ’til the end
i could never call it now
i could never quite give in
so we’ll stand up; we can’t watch as
they tramp all over our rights
so we’re still holding on through the night

in our country (hey) it’s our battle (hey)
so we raise our guns and we all yell (hey)
for our country, we’ll never lose a fight
’cause our freedom’s (hey) all we have left (hey)
so we claim our land ’til our last breath (hey)
for our freedom, we’ll never lose a fight

we’re off and it’s on
we’ll never sing along
to another anthem in the morn’
we’ll battle here tonight
and even if we die
you’ll still hear our song in the morning

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