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lirik lagu fightin unda the influence – a.o.n


sippin on this hennesie
sippin on this hennesie
sippin on this hennesie
sip-sippin on this hennesie
sippin on this hennesie
waitin for the time of break
sippin on this hennesie
can’t get my life straight

{verse 1}

sippin on this hennesie sittin up in my room
ain’t got much time left but i’ll tell you what i’m on do
i’m on go outside and bust up a few punk -ss heads
that are attached to fools who look alive but they gon wind up dead
i’ma mess em up so bad they don’t know what’s comin for em
cause my fists be movin so fast that they’ll work up a storm
i’ma break some necks, bust some heads, give em concussions
they muf-ckin blood won’t be spillin it’ll be gushin
they wanna talk sh-t bout behind my f-ckin back
i wanna see em talk that sh-t lookin down my f-ckin gat
i’m on destroy they -sses, but they all are used to it
cause that’s all i be doin is fightin unda the influence


{verse 2}

b-tch you don’t wanna f-ck with me
you just don’t wanna see me
when i’m p-ssed off and let it spray
yon’t wanna be up in the way
cause when i start swingin
with every punch that i’m leanin
in, your -ss betta get out my face
your -ss betta be leavin
cause i’m bout to hit beast mode
i’ll f-ckin grab you by the throat
if you ask to be let go
i’ll choke harder and say h-ll no
cause i don’t give up
i don’t back down
i’ll put your punk -ss in the ground
i’ll stomp and kick and beat your -ss
til your heart no longer pounds
you’ll wish you never met me
killin you it won’t upset me
keep this up and you will see
i’ll make your f-ckin livin cease
i’ll f-ck your punk -ss up real good
i’ll break your back with a block of wood
i run my game just like i should
fightin unda the influence


{verse 3}

5-4-3-2-1 b-tch you ain’t got much time left
til i kill your -ss and put you in the f-ckin ground to rest
with your last words you better say your motherf-ckin prayers
cause you done messed with a.o.n. the f-ckin drunk punk-ss slayer
this hennesie just gives me the most needed reason to be
the deadliest mc that was ever sp-wned from the devil’s seed
with a f-cked up brain, i feel no pain
i dig until i hit a vein
and when i’m through with you i’ll turn to your friend and do the same
you don’t wanna mess with me b-tch, you done made a mistake
so now you better be runnin tryin to make your escape
i won’t back off you b-tch cause i’m f-ckin relentless
if you ever step to me you better bring a f-ckin witness



some people think that i write these raps
in an attempt to try to be black
but i’m just tryin to express myself
if you think different you can go to h-ll
i don’t do this stuff cause i wanna be hood
i’m just doin this stuff to try to be good
i don’t wanna be black, this is true
i really just wanna say, “f-ck you drew!!!”

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