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lirik lagu for jessica – the promise drive

i never got the chance to apologize.
now that it’s over and i’m over you.
it’s hard to say you’re sorry when you don’t know what you did wrong.
i’m getting tired of pretending i never cared.
there was a time when i’d do anything and everything for you,
but now that time is over and i wish you well.
i wonder what you’re doing, i wonder where you are.
it’s not that i miss you or that i want you back,
but i still think of you twice a day.
only time can heal the scars that spending time with you gave to me.
i guess forever means less than a year to you,
when did you stop caring?
i can’t believe you turned so cold.
there was a time when you said you loved me,
but now that time is over.

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