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lirik lagu force fed shitty grass – cannabis corpse

straightlaced dork he is stranded in nowhere
wondering where the f-ck his life has led him to
always following the rules set forth to him
now hes lost walking to school again
they are waiting for him in an alleyway
now they ambush him for hes an easy prey
dragged into the dark- tied to a chair
p-ssed his pants so f-cking scared
no escape- he is bound too tight
so horrified- sees them there
packing weed into a tube hes never seen
asks himself what have they planned for me?
squirming with panic they force the tube on his mouth
hold him in place- light the stem
smoke starts to billow it is rising so fast
his breath- he can hold no longer he inhales
coughing he cant stop coughing
his lungs have never felt this before
bloodshot his eyes are red now
the thc now starts to take its hold
“why have, why have you done this?”
“i have never even drank a beer!”
“hunger stricken with hunger i could crush a bag of doritos”
force fed sh-tty gr-ss
losing consciousness p-sses out in the chair
comes to- his -ssailants no longer there
no memory of what has happened
just an urge to smoke weed
force fed sh-tty gr-ss
now his life has completely changed
dropped out and spends his time on video games

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