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lirik lagu free the music – jerrod niemann

free the music, unleash the vibe
of a psychedelic relic from the trailer park tribe
with a 12 pack of audio beer
designed to make you move like a puppeteer
tw-ng town sound taking a trip
gonna shake this town like it’s the vegas strip
it’s one of those days you need one of those nights
you throw your hands in the air and let your birdies fly

free the music
(c’mon blast your stereo)
free the music
free the music
(here we go)
you gotta free your mind
it’s party time

free the music, unbreak the chains
let my straightjacket racket run through your veins
don’t care where you come from or what you wear
it’s what makes you tap your feet and shake your derriere
tell me who came here to get light as a neon light, right
we’re here to dehydrate the nation
grab your liquid creation and hold it high

[repeat chorus]

soundtrack dump it
b-ssman drummer boy pump it
br-ssoline trumpets
hey, so i asked myself what could i get
if i mixed a doney with some violins
well, tonight i solved that riddle
when i found myself some c-cky br-ss kickin’ fiddles
free the music
free the music
free the music
you gotta free your mind
it’s party time

[repeat chorus]

free the music, wherever you go
in the car, in the bar, in the studio
if your’e sittin’ alone with a bottle of jack
listenin’ for tradition skip to the next track

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