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lirik lagu front row – toby lightman

did i see you winking?
or is that me thinking…
should i show affection
to the guy in the front row?
did i see you smile,

’cause you been here for a while…
should i make a connection
with the guy in the front row?

but you don’t know where i’m from,
where i belong,
all you know is my name…
and you only know what you see,
and that really isn’t me,
but i’m glad that you came…

are you making p-sses
while i’m pleasing the m-sses
well, i know all about you,
you’re the guy in the front row
are you trying to distract me?
while you try to attract me?
but i know what to do
about you, in the front row

so when i turn around
stop looking down
see you on the ground
but i’m love bound
gotta place to be
wanna to hang with me
hope you can see
you’re my destiny
i see your love coming out
i know what you’re all about
but there’s nothing i can do right now

just let me say
it’s been a good day
so don’t ruin it
by running away
’cause i just might
put up a fight
to be with you tonight
i know it’s not right.

what’s going on in my mind?
what you helped me find?
but i’ll get through to you somehow…


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