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lirik lagu 2am – g3


pop that sh-t for a real n-gg-
pop that sh-t for a g
she say she love a real n-gg-
well that must mean she love me
2am and i’m faded
and yea i know i don’t drink
but tdash got me in the booty club
and right now you all that i think i need
i’m way too gone for this sh-t
told that n-gg- we should write a song bout this sh-t
putting dollars in a stripper thong, she on all 4’s
popping p-ssy, man that n-gg- richie was all for it
& i can’t lie, i like that sh-t, but you on mind
it’s hard to focus on the situation
i’m only human tho baby sometimes i get impatient
not now, but right now. i’m sick of waiting
richie got a n-gg-…

in the parking lot, double parked the drop
and there you go, never hard to spot
this sh-t feel like…..
before da kappa, dj michael watts
and i’m…screwed up tryna leave boo’d up
fresh fade, yea you know that make the b-tches choose up
but if there’s ever a doubt, i choose you
you know i’m selfish, i feel in love wit ya presence
but you violent, you use ya love as a weapon
and girl i got a thing for the brown eyes
shortie in them 6inches so now she fine nah!
i pay attention, my vision prescription lenses
see baby, know my intentions, attempting to make you all mine
you like the greatest of all time
and lil booties need love too
i never let these hating b-tches speak on you
never trick but ain’t no telling what i’d spend on jewels
ain’t tryna buy you, tryna fly you where you don’t need shoes
you know a n-gg- really want you in the worst way
blow the candles out and eat the cake like its my birthday
y’know i’m from the d i’m tryna give yo -ss my birthplace
slow that thang down, watch you p-ss and come in first place
odb, i like it raw
pop that shimmy shimmy ya
gimmie everything you got until you feel it in ya jaw
i’m in love wit you
i keep thinking maybe you could be the one, is you?
know you got a man but i’m just having fun with the thought of you leaving him
know you feel something why you fighting to keep it in?
you should be happy no matter whaaa…i disagree
you shouldn’t be happy til you get you should be with me
and i can’t lie, that sh-t weak, but you ain’t mine
so baby help me fix the situation
i’m only human so baby sometimes i get impatient
so not now, but right now i’m sick of waiting
guess what i’m tryna say is…

i want everything
everything is you
you are everything
i know you think its cuz it’s 2am
and i’m two cups in but trust me
yea, trust me
i am for real, aw-yea
this love is so real, aw-yea
want you to know…
i want you to know how i feel
i want you to know
i want you to know, how i feel