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lirik lagu 40 hugger – get fucked – glocca morra


i find it hard to be lighthearted when all i’m looking
for is an honest f-ck.
just like it is to fight the feeling when it’s easier to
just give up.
oh, just like me to make such a big deal when it wasn’t
for what could have been.

here’s the problem: it’s never the ones that i want that
can i be happy i’m even thought of at all?

i’m not as empty as i used to be.
it’s simple.
don’t ask don’t tell.
(i’m not going out tonight.)
no more painting walls.
no hopes at all.
no time investing in an obsession.
but i’ll see you there tomorrow cause i’ll be thinking of
and somehow, my friend, you always know how to kill it.
you’re always getting in it.