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lirik lagu glass spines & hearts like junkies – damaged

remember what you’ve said when lying straight in bed,
and if you can’t undo what’s done,
then be the web-spun character.
-ss-ssinate the bigger man’s
what you create away at all times,
cutting profit with your lies.

back your own stupidity to beat you. go.
talentless pathetic talentless potential raper,
come in a spinner innocent,
deliver nothing, b-tter bread,
to feed the fat boys’ appet-te
for snuff and beating on the wife.

dig out your pit and bury dead,
live out the fallacy instead
and lick the feet of honesty,
you’ll be the only thing that beats you.
suck dry all.

dealing the industry too many in
to cut the corners off capsize,
keep the honesty behind your back,
deliver bleed to feed your pay.

f-ck restraint, free the hate,
selfish cowardice is tainted,
burning down the halls.
you’re talking haste, get your facts straight,
your break, your neck,

punch in black holes through your multi-face,
your past mistakes will slap your f-ckin’ face.
i’ll never give up chipping life away.
life is burning, karma’s turning, always learning,
back your way out of that hole, daft c-nt.

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