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lirik lagu fuck sorry interlude – horseshoe g.a.n.g


[julius luciano]
oh sh-t, no sh-t, is that right? that’s nice
f-ck that, yeah f-ck that, i don’t give a sh-t about your punk -ss
all of this time that i’ve been huntin’ my foes
they was right under my nose like a motherf-ckin’ moustache, you can trust that
i ain’t lettin’ sh-t ride, i ain’t givin’ you a p-ss
want a ride and a p-ss, you should get a motherf-ckin’ bus p-ss, what’s that
you’ve been talkin’ about he said, she said, who, when, where, what happened in the past, f-ck past
i ain’t buryin’ the hatchet, what hatchet? all i got is one ratchet
and one mask, my gun blast, you run fast
now there’s no more mister nice guy
now i’m mournin’ the nice guy, cuz i k!lled him
i ain’t so warm no more, just an ice box in my chest like omarion
you say you sorry huh? you should be disappearin’
i’m sick of hearin’ all your lies man
you should be a politician, now you’re apologetic
got my eyes on the beef cuz i watch what i eat like a diabetic
now i’m sayin’ f-ck sorry, uhh, f-ck sorry, uhh
i’ve been a lot of things but i never was sorry, uhh
get a bit of success, enemies become sorry, uhh
f-ck sorry, uhh, you punks sorry, uhh