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lirik lagu 1 am in harlem – hunter b


i was starving in the crib, n-gg-, nothing to do
it wasn’t for the food, it was for the music that grew
i had a different type of knowledge that i gave to the crew
i told them “get it how you get it, n-gg-, f-ck all ’em rules”
i’ma make it to the top if it’s the last thing i do
i ain’t worried about my image, i just do what i do
i remember being broke, five cash to my name
hit up hajis, get a sandwich, thats just how i maintain
i ain’t ever ask for nothin, i would get it on my own
n-gg-s quick to say they loyal when you broke they gon be gone
i been in the hood for too long writing all my songs
fighting through the struggle
every day i gotta hustle
gotta keep my head up and stay out all this f-cking trouble
b-tches quick to turn on you same time say they love you
and really quick to change up, it ain’t envy its just fake love