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lirik lagu headaches & woes (remix) – aceyalone

chorus one: heads and woes
heads and wo-oes
heads and woes
heads and wo-oes
headtrips, headtrips
i think it is, i know it is
chorus two: i got a head full of headaches a heart that’s full of woesi’m constantly singin’ them downhome blues and not many people knowsthat leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as i know itand i guess i got no choice but to be a poet
verse one: now in my natural habitat i gravitate towards cribsand i elevate on having thatand i’ll never get caught by the frillsfrom yellowstone to venezuela
nigeria to the hillsthere’s somethin i learned that i gotta tell yabrother’s like me got skillsnow i could been your doctor or your lawyeror come to your house and buildself destruction won’t destroy yaif you know how to use that shieldmen are murdered and that’s their fateand to get it on tape is a thrilland people elsewhere tryin to escapejust to come to america and chillhelicopters scope the landsee you makin’ your ghetto planhip-hop culture is africanand i ain’t never going back to the fields
chorus two
verse two: now everyday i manifest and i generate and smoke cannabisand i penetrate and i innovate and i demonstrate from the westfrom amsterdam to the northern border
panama spain to atlanta georgiasomethin’ i learned that i haven’t told yacause everybody’s goin’ through stressnow i know you know it ain’t who you know but tell me do you know yourselfcause you can go just like any john doebut i know you ain’t thinkin’ about deathso if you’re straight and you’re narr

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