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lirik lagu here and now – mike goodrick

i’m starting over here it goes
here’s to all the love my life has shown
to the future that i hold so out of my hands
i’m taking the path that no ones taking
to a place no ones been before
my pedal to the floor and here it goes.

it’s here and now
all my searching, all my searchings found
and somehow
it has nothing to do with, nothing to do with you

since you left i took up singing
i had nothing to sing about but you
as i’m sitting in this pew i’m finding
all these things i never knew were true
about a god who died for me and you
from the look in your eyes your not listening

i’ve wasted all my time
this is the beginning of my finish line
this is who i am from now
this is what they talked about
your who they talked about

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