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lirik lagu hog tied – anthrax

i have something i can reveal
i get off on laughing
it’s like the biggest -rg-sm
if you like i’ll share it with you

when you give up yourself, you do it peacefully
then you feel no plight and you think you’re free
give up yourself
there goes your chivalry
from on top of the world, i’ll throw you down a rope

hog tied to this life, i’m strapped up tight
and i won’t be no slave

i can’t wait to get you back
i need you back in my clutches
if it takes a thousand punches
by the end you’ll be in st-tches

climb up if the noose ain’t tied

it won’t disturb you, it’s here to serve you
unlock the doubt, you’ll find it’s out, your rosetta stone
or you’ll cut the line, and stifle time
slash your wrist and kiss and kiss your crippled bones

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