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lirik lagu how you like me now – lil’ wayne

yea and we smoke that kush
that kush and we ball like swoosh
yea like swoosh
yea and we smoke that kush
that kush and we ball like swoosh
yea like swoosh now how you like me now

[verse 1]
got the hog on 2-6
press a b-tton watch the mothaf-ka do tricks
i dont know what you on but im on some new sh-t
while your b-tch is on my d-ck like a gluestick
i got a grill i dont got to get my tooth fixed
the tooth fairy would retire if i lose it
straight out the clip thats how i spit like an oozy
you cant find me cuz im lost in the music
im running this and i can jump the hurdles
im feelin like im racin a bunch of little turtles
keep a bandanna like the ninja turtles
im like a turtle wen i sip the purple


[verse 2]
buck 60 on the dash imma do two
captain crunch these n-gg-s is fruitloops
thats why ur girl wanna f-k me and my group too
and imma make her back it up like shoo shoo
im the birdman junior i gotta do coupes
i hop out that mothaf-ka holla soowoop
hollygrove 17 im from the zoocrew
you wuld think every animal in the zoo loose
fuk wit me im on that screw juice
but i keep my sh-t together not a screw loose
word to my goosh boots
im higher then a new suit cuz we smoke that kush


[verse 3]
buck 40 on a ring that i dont really wear
but i bet it light up the night like the city fair
this sh-t aint fair i didnt have to go there
but all this ice got me feelin like a polar bear
im so aware im so prepared
im so fly ill take off into the open air
lift off cristal please crackers with cheese
n-gg- please we on je-t’s
like curtis martin in white and green
im lightin lightin light the thing
light the thing no reggie man
u know i smoke that kush


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