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lirik lagu i don’t fuck wit u – pimp c

(feat. vicious & smoke d)

[pimp c:]
yeah, e. vicious y’knalmtalkinbout?
sweet jones, tony snow
all you ole b-tch -ss n-gg-z on that ole goofy section of the newspaper
knalmtalkinbout? (mr. magoo -ss n-gg-z)
all that ole comedy sh-t, that ole fantasy island sh-t, knalmtalkinbout?
(bugs bunny -ss n-gg-z) say man, missed me with that bullsh-t
hold up…

[hook (pimp c):]
round here runnin ya mouth (runnin ya mouth)
f-ck around and hit that nerve, i put a gun in ya mouth (blah)
ya dead… and can’t believe how you lied on me (uh)
but you’se a simp so i’ma let it slide homey (uh)
it’s outta control, the game is cold
thought he was down, come to find out the n-gg-‘s a hoe, a hoe (n-gg-‘s a hoe)
just ain’t keepin it true, wonderin why i don’t f-ck wit’chu

[pimp c:]
uh, talkin that big d-ck sh-t
you a hoe, i said it (i said it), what chu gon’ do about it b-tch? (b-tch!)
uh, talkin to the laws (laws)
no b-lls just sugar in ya drawers (drawers)
if you don’t like me, kill me (uh)
i’m only dyin one time, n-gg- feel me (uh)
cowards die a thousand deaths
born to die but you can’t take away my rep (my rep, my rep)
and i ain’t goin no time soon
gotta broad on the plane, p-ssy full of balloons
ain’t nothin happenin on some bamboo monkey sh-t (uh)
keep my name outcha mouth, n-gg- you counterfeit (uh)


[verse 2:]
i walk around this motherf-cker, trippin on these weak n-gg-z
pullin all this hoe sh-t, callin themselves street n-gg-z
talkin down, wishing the worse and straight hating on me
praying that i fall off, b-tches keep waitin on it
i ain’t got no friends, n-gg-z take it how ya hear it
where was y’all for the bid? i did five f-ckin years!
while the chill turned to lab dap, after all that i took back
never go broke again, b-tch i know how to cook crack
learned to stack a dollar, hold the power in a black impala
try to swerve and hit the curb and watch the crackers follow
b-tch n-gg- got my name in his mouth
we go pistols when we p-ssed, that’s how we play in the south (play in the south)


[verse 3:]
b-tch i’ma triple og, superhood grown, heavyweight (heavyweight)
i’m no magician but my magic tricks will make you levitate
round of applause for the plastic pieces
right now the clip up in nickels in solemn night releases
aye, aye.. no joking or playin, i’m sayin we sprayin for real
straight out the gate, no hesitation b-tch i’m bustin my steel
the sh-t is helter-skelter
and you gon’ need jesus christ, a gimmick, plus a fall-out shelter
we cast wet toiletries upon b-tch -ss snakes
for cheesecakes, the dirty rats gon’ put ya tongue on a plate
diarrhea mouth n-gg-z, 1-800-ima-tell
f-ck around wit’em, you gon’ be dead or in jail (jail)


[pimp c:]
say this young pimp y’knalmtalkinbout?
say mike dean, go and draft some of that vinyl for the south knalmtalkinbout?
me and slim thug finna ride on out on these b-tch -ss n-gg-z!
hold up… [echoes]

[slim thug:]
smoke somethin, b-tch! [starts laughing]

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