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lirik lagu i got the feelin’ (oh no no) – neil diamond

i who have nothing i,
i who have no one
adore you and want you so
i’m just a no one
with nothing to give you darlin’
but, oh
i love you

he buys you diamonds
bright, sparkling diamonds
but, believe me, dear, when i say
that he can give you the world
but he’ll never love the way
i love you

he can take you any place he wants
to fancy clubs and restaurants
but i can only watch you
with my nose pressed up against
the window pane
i love you i

i who have nothing i
i who have no one
must watch you go dancing by
wrapped in the arms
of somebody else
when, darling, it’s i
who loves you
i love you
i love you
i who have nothing

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