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lirik lagu immigration law – buju banton


this is a worldwide escapade
have every m-ssive fraid
buju banton did tell yuh already

every nation bow to the immigration law
immigrant shuffle what a suppen
no more ease up due to a certain clause
welfare get reform, no more green card
a nuff man nuh realise a time fi come a dem yaad


[verse 1:]
run off to the land of opportunity opportunity
indeed noone gives away good morning
the capital of greed
still yuh survive inna sam
thru the constant pressure, victimization
phonso say him did done have a plan
tell sonia send hoe him bag and pan
them hol’ on pon paul, carl and devon
some man who run the place thru dem there so long
tek dem off a di line without a question
sen dem right back inna dem born land


[verse 2:]
tell unno fi come, bout unno nuh ready yet
only citizens alone shall get a healthy kit
sam get serious, tighten all loop holes
woe be unto all petty pushers, so called dupe
not what yu gained, but what you attained
to live and die in the usa, such a shame
-n-lyse your imprint with what you have gained
minimun wage is blood sweat and pain
you take my ident-ty and left me in shame
oh jah, oh jah


[verse 3:]
who tell dem not to respect sam law
yuh mean yuh never knoe sey immigration a law
federal violation of federal laws
observe the eagle clenching its claws
to get across this border, keeps getting harder
even though i’ve been a resident from a youth
mi nuh waan yuh handle mi like no pancoot
dig up mi few possessions and soil up mi suit
confiscate mi docs without no excuse